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When you ask for your angelic presence to assist you along your way we are standing ready.– THEO

Meditations & Dialogues With THEO™

THEO Guided Meditations

Meditating with THEO is a very unique experience for even the most experienced meditator. Each guided meditation has been created to provide the meditator with a very specific experience that is fused with THEO’s choice of words, and the heightened vibrational frequency as they are spoken.

Each time you meditate with THEO you will be taken to a different place within yourself, creating a unique and, oftentimes, extraordinary outcome. We recommend listening to the meditations with stereo headphones while lying or sitting comfortably. Do not listen to them while driving.

The THEO Dialogues

We have recorded several dialogues with THEO on a variety of topics. Most are a Q&A with THEO and Marcus, while some were recorded live. Each is accompanied by a corresponding E-Book. THEO’s wisdom is widely considered to be on the cutting edge of human knowledge, and the depth of the information provided is limited only by the curiosity and imagination of the questioner.

More Guided Meditations
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More Dialogues With THEO