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If you’re looking for a way to:

  • Find a sense of purpose and belonging along the path of spiritual enlightenment;
  • Become a part of a soulfully-connected, global community;
  • Stop making the same “mistakes” over and over;
  • Live a more peaceful, joyous life;
  • Be among the first to know the truth about everything happening on our planet today;
  • Learn the true key to manifesting and making the “Law of Attraction” work for you;
  • Develop your psychic abilities for greater empowerment;
  • Discover and live as your authentic self …

Then The AskTHEO Group Membership is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Sheila and THEO inspired Esther to channel Abraham ... Imagine what THEO can inspire in You!

Best-selling author and channel for Abraham:

“As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before.”

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Your two-week free trial offer with no obligations includes:

  • 350+ hours of topical AskTHEO™ Live Radio audios available to members only to download and keep from our private library;
  • Monthly 'Members Only' webinars with THEO Live;
  • 20% off purchases--including our THEO Guided Meditations, AskTHEO™ Dialogues, webinars, tickets purchased for single day THEO-produced Live Events, and all other AskTHEO™ products! (*excludes mentoring programs - member discount not eligible to be combined with already discounted products);
  • Access to our private Video Replay Library – available only to members;
  • Connection with soul family from around the world via online and live events;
  • VIP seating at all live events;
  • Participation in the creation of future products (we value our member’s ideas!);
  • And more cool stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet!

Investment after the two - week trial:

$12/month - Your credit card will be charged following your free trial or you may choose to enjoy more savings by paying for a full year for $120 [a savings of 17%]

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