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You’ve been called here to expand the awareness of your soul, to be all that you can be in this chosen life. It is time for that to be revealed, understood, and experienced—now. – THEO

AskTHEO™ Spiritual Mastery Video Series

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If you have the feeling that we're living during a powerfully-transformative time, one in which you have a huge opportunity for spiritual and psychic expansion—and you're ready to break FREE, by mastering your emotions, dissolving the limiting beliefs that hold you back from connecting with yourself and others, and becoming empowered, 
this is for you!

You CAN grasp everything life has to offer you—and you can do so, starting right now.

Finally: Discover Why NOW Is an Extraordinary Time—the PERFECT Time—to Become the Co-Creator of a Life You Absolutely LOVE. Gain the Clarity and Confidence You Need to Stop Feeling Stuck, and Start Connecting with Your Soul, as You Discover and Live Your Purpose.

  • Why we're living in a time of special opportunity to live your most divine spiritual life—and what that means in terms of your ability to connect to Source and create exactly what you want, here, now.

  • Specific tools for connecting with your angelic guidance, and intuition, so you can finally define and follow your greater purpose.

  • The new paradigm of relationships, and how understanding it will guide you to manifest healthy, loving, spiritually-fulfilling relationships including the one with yourself, and with the love of your life.

  • The most important thing you need to know about manifestation, and what this means in terms of your ability to create what you truly want in life.

  • The one element of your mindset that controls your integrated health—spiritually, physically, emotionally—and tips for staying in that mindset as much as possible.

  • THEO's Soul Integration™ Process: exactly what it is, and why it's critical to embark on this journey if you want to create a life you love!

  • And so much more.

AskTHEO™ Spiritual Mastery Video Series

Elevate Your Life with THEO's Insights:

Spiritual Mastery

Relationships & Authentic Self

Soul Integration™

Manifestation & Abundance

Psychic & Spiritual Expansion

Health & Wellness

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And when you watch them all, you'll begin to gain confidence and clarity as you get answers to your questions.

You'll finally have the tools you need to discover your purpose, live your passion, expand your awareness, and live a life of peace and self-mastery!

AskTHEO™ Spiritual Mastery Video Series

Sheila and THEO inspired Esther Hicks to channel Abraham ... Imagine what THEO can inspire in You!

Best-selling author and channel for Abraham:

“As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before.”

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