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Todd Oja

Spiritual Renewal Coach

I have enjoyed an amazing journey through a diverse background across many industries as a technologist professional and manager. Roles in my life have included son, brother, husband. I have served in the U.S. armed forces, full life cycle software development and deployment management, corporate educator, business development mgr., financial services industry analyst, Handyman, volunteer with the most aligned service is supporting people in transforming their lives and claiming their mastery. These are some of the roles I’ve and relate to professionals that have adopted a split personality to survive by earning a paycheck and then pursue their greater vision that lies within.

This broad range of experiences was designed perfectly to be able to assist others . I am a soul to soul communicator. I work with empowering people on their path to realize the magnificence that lies within. I’ve traveled across the world to expand and access my inner knowledge and now I assist others. With the changes that have taken place energetically with consciousness at this time, each person is called to step into being the master creators of their own lives. This is the area of empowerment work and being a Soul Integration facilitator took me to a much deeper awareness and discovery of my true nature I couldn’t achieve with my Eastern teachers. I assist those ready to transform and step into the full knowing of their true nature and be empowered to share their voice with the world. It’s time and the world needs everything you came to share!