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Hi!   I offer what I needed years ago.  I'm an empath who's walked that journey of coming into clarity and confidence.  As a professional intuitive,  I  support other sensitives in the unfoldment of their worth and full expression of themselves

Like many empaths, my sensitivity had been misdirected in childhood. The truest part of me had learned to look for safety instead of joy. My inner guidance had been mis-calibrated. I had learned continual sensing of what might be wrong. This is victimhood.

These patterns or beliefs opened up & became my teachers. How? You know how we refer to ourselves as parts, "a part of me just couldn't..." or "the artistic part of me longed to..." Relationship with oneself comes from inner unity. As I integrated unconscious parts, (they can also be like inner voices) my response to life changed. And a new life was reflected back to me.

I have experience with trauma as well. Trauma is a catch-all word to describe suppression of energy to fit in or survive. Unresolved trauma is also inherited. Re-knowing this energy was huge part of my own intuitive development and I want this for everyone.

In unraveling my own self-sabotaging behavior, I placed myself under the influence of mentors, certifications & practice groups. These influences included yoga, Jungian psychology, Father Thomas Keating and the unloading of the unconscious, Maurice Nicoll's  psychological commentaries on our inner multiplicity, advaita, metaphysical explorations at the Monroe Institute, and mediumship & intuitive development. I spent years in a community attending hundreds of group inquiry sessions where we studied  and shared psycho-spiritual experiences.  I went on 7 day silent retreats. I added courses on how trauma is held in the body to my yoga training.

Ninety percent of our limiting beliefs are not 'logical.' They are held as body-memory and can be inherited in our DNA. We can essentially absorb & re-radiate a parent's anxiety. And unknowingly weave it into our own life experience. This shift from intellectual-understanding toward body-knowing is part of the awakening process.  

All of this is a long way from my original background in Environmental Science.  As a kid raised on a farm in Canada, I wanted to help the earth. Now I work with our inner environment, with the same intent to support harmony with this planet one person at a time.

"We are lived by powers we pretend to understand" ~ W. H Auden