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  • Are there blocks that are keeping you from realizing your dreams?
  • Do you feel you are living authentically and fulfilling your life’s purpose?
  • Are you manifesting deeply fulfilling, spiritually-aligned relationships?

  • Do you feel that you are the master of your emotions?
  • Are you seeking a higher level of soul-based spiritual teachings and experiences?
  • Is the Law of Attraction working optimally for you?

If any of this resonates, there's no accident you're here ... you are in EXACTLY the right place, right NOW!

THEO's THRIVE is a Live, Online, Interactive Mentoring Program.

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February 16 - May 4, 2021

12 LIVE Online Sessions

Tuesdays 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Pacific / 3:00 - 4:30 pm Eastern

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Plus immediately following each class we'll have optional 15-20 min breakouts for you to connect with your fellow classmates.
Attending live is not required -- sessions are recorded and accessible through your private Thrive Resources area.

Life is heating up all around us – spiritual and emotional activations, planetary energy shifts, political, economic and ecological upheavals … what’s an intuitive, creative, spiritual person to do? Resist? Give up? Or, learn how to effectively engage with this time of grand change that is upon us?

We believe the latter and it’s our pleasure to announce a very timely and empowering online experience with The THEO Group, Inc.… Expand your perspective on the intensity of our current times (it’s a good thing) and learn how to practically work with the energetic changes to create a joyous and soul-directed life. As THEO shares with us, it’s why we’ve chosen to be here at this exciting time in history!

You're Invited to Join Us For this Transformational 12-Week Online Experience

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  • Interact directly with THEO and gain Personalized Guidance just for you

  • Learn about the exciting energetic shift that's happening on our planet - and how it relates to us all

  • Clarify your Soul’s Purpose and why you chose to be here now

  • Learn practical Tools and Techniques to smoothly manifest a Peaceful, Joyful and Soul-Directed Life

  • Develop Self-Mastery by placing your competent and compassionate Higher Self in charge using THEO's Soul Integration™ Process

  • Create Deep and Life-Long Relationships with like-minded people from around the world

All this and more happens during this one-of-a-kind 12-week spiritual journey.

THEO’s wisdom is direct, clear, and uplifting. Anyone who takes these teachings to heart will advance spiritually and enjoy deeper peace and enriched relationships with Spirit, self and others. I am grateful that this voice of higher truth is touching many people through the dedicated service of Sheila and Marcus.

Alen Cohen, Best-selling author of ‘I Had it All the Time’

Program Details

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Week One: Welcome & Big Picture Perspective

This first session launches the program. We cover logistics, agenda and introductions then dive into the content – including the Big Picture of what is happening on our planet and with all of us as individuals – and the main ways we can work with these energetic changes for smoother adaptation and comfort. Additionally you access where you are in your life now and how you want your participation in this program to improve your life.

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Week Two: Meditation & Self Care

In week two we share the foundation for effective Soul Integration work...Meditation and Body Care. Learn how to effectively handle the natural and man-made frequency changes that our bodies and spirits are encountering and how to use meditation to listen to your soul's guidance. Includes access to specially selected THEO guided meditations: Raise Your Vibrational Frequency, Manifestation, Soul Integration and Health In Balance.

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Week Three: Soul Integration™ Primer

In week three THEO leads us through a thorough primer on their Soul Integration Process® --- a step-by-step method to identify and "bring home" your fragmented aspects of your soul (orphans). Continued use of this process results in enhanced emotional mastery and peace leading to enlightenment. Visual and auditory tools are shared, including a detailed Orphan Rescue Booklet & Map.

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Week Four: Relationship

In this week, THEO focuses on the arena of relationships --- friendships, work, family, partners, and other soul connections (including agitating relationships that add to your soul's growth).
We focus on new patterns for healthy relationships: family, children & parenting, soul mates, twin flames, masculine & feminine, how to know when a relationship is complete, sexuality, etc.

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Week Five: Health

In this fascinating session, THEO defines illness and dis-ease and how to maintain healthy balance of body, mind & spirit.  Includes information on flow of energy through the body, optimal supplementation and nutrition, energy healing, the future of healthcare, addictions, etc.  With opportunity for you to ask your health-related questions. (As always, we encourage everyone to seek the advice of their medical professionals when considering a change in health care.)

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Week Six: Money

During this week's gathering, we have the opportunity to ask THEO our questions about money and to receive their fascinating answers on how we can best create more abundance for ourselves. We really drill down how best to manifest abundance and what may be blocking us from getting more of what we're desiring. This topic blends into abundance, scarcity, worthiness, having, receiving, success...and related issues.

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Week Seven: Mid-Way Check-In

This mid-way check-in gives THEO and all of us an opportunity to cover any missing bits from the topics so far. Often over time we gain a deeper and deeper understanding of THEO’s perspective and wisdom --- this session gives you an opportunity to clarify and go deeper if needed. And for THEO to deliver what we now are ready to receive.

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Week Eight: Connectivity to Guides & Mentors

Help surrounds us … this week THEO covers guides and mentors and their role in our life and progress. Who are our guides? How do they communicate with us? What’s the connection to our soul? Questions on hierarchies, discernment, how to know if you are really receiving guidance, etc. Ask about your own guides and share circumstances where you felt their presence, support and assistance. Learn how to deepen these helpful connections.

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Week Nine: Authentic Self

All of the information from the previous weeks and your direct interaction with THEO will build an understanding of your authentic self. In this session you solidify your understanding about who you are and why you are here … and your own mission/purpose for these special times. A great segue to the vision and action planning that is to follow..

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Week Ten: Your Soul Vision

Now we marry heaven with earth … in these next two sessions devoted to Soul Vision and Soul Plan. Using your soul's desire and the insights from THEO you've gained over the past weeks, you'll connect your path galvanizing your energy, focus, and intention.

spiritual journey

Week Eleven: Your Soul Plan

With your Soul Vision as the goal, in this session, you bridge the gap between where you currently are with where you want to be. Work directly with THEO and create concrete, tangible next steps to actualize your dreams. And clarify ways to deal with any remaining resistance that clouds and interferes with your path. This is a powerful session that catapults you successfully into your expanded self.

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Week Twelve: Integration & Next Steps

In this final session, we integrate our experience and bring closure to this dynamic experience. We share insights, "ah-ha's", synchronicities, manifestations, and results. Powerful invocation and attunement from THEO as we launch into our new future ahead. Plus ways to continue our connection – including the inside scoop on the 6-month Soul Integration™ - Accelerator mentorship where we meet online and share 2 in-person retreats.

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As Executive Producer and host of Gaia TV Network I’m regularly exposed to high levels of intellect and esoteric knowledge, much of it of great value. The work of Sheila and the Theo group, however, brings an even deeper level of truth and mature spiritual understanding that strikes me to the core of my own sense of higher truth. Theo communicates with clarity, compassion, directness and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times. Theo provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way.

Regina Meredith, Gaia TV Network

Session Format & THEO Interaction

After the initial launch session then
each session follows this format:

  • Opening Comments
  • THEO Time
  • Facilitator Teaching
  • THEO Time
  • Closing Comments
  • Optional: Breakout Groups*

"Being with" vs "Talking at" ...

Participation and Breakout Groups: Please note that we may utilize a combination of participant volunteers as well as the possibility of THEO selecting and determining the order of forum participants. At the beginning of each session an ‘energetic roll call’ is taken. THEO has informed us that they read your energetic signature, intent, and topic.

Example of how this works:

“The selected participant interacts directly with THEO. At the conclusion of the interaction, Marcus may further assist each participant integrate THEO’s guidance and sometimes facilitate deeper interaction with THEO. At the end of each session, a Breakout Group function is offered, for those who would like to debrief the session and connect with other class participants.”
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Client Testimonials

spiritual journey
spiritual journey
spiritual journey
spiritual journey
spiritual journey
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Tuesdays, February 16 - May 4, 2021
Live classes 12:00 - 1:30 pm Pacific (3 pm Mountain, 4 pm Central, 5 pm Eastern)

  • Yes THEO and Team, I’m ready for THRIVE: A SOUL INTEGRATION EXPERIENCE! Please make sure I’m one of your participants for this one-of-a-kind experience. I understand upon registration I will receive my course logistics and everything I need to participate.

Register now to receive the 60% discount.

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Due to the pandemic and changes on our planet now we are offering this program at the discounted price of $997 (The standard price is $2497)

**If you have questions please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Please Note:

* Fees are in U.S. currency; see for daily conversion rates. Your credit card statement will show currency exchange. Vendor listed on your statement as The THEO Group, Inc.

* Payment Plan: First payment is immediate, then every 30 days until complete – Additional administrative fees included. The single-pay plan is typically the most affordable option as payment plans may include additional fees. We are pleased to offer payment plans to allow more flexibility and expect clients to honor their contractual agreements, including continuing to make your agreed upon scheduled payments should they land after the program is complete. If a client falls behind in payments, access to the program may be removed, including access to all related benefits, until all scheduled payments are brought current.

* Refund Policy: Given the live interaction and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.


If you are a match to this special experience we, THEO and those who have a vibrational match to this expereince as well, look forward to sharing a wonderfully practical and uplifting experience with you soon! And bearing witness to the impressive transformations that occur!

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Are you ready to enroll? Or maybe you have more questions … below are some of the ones we receive most frequently

For your Thrive: A Soul Integration™ Experience investment, you receive:

  • 12 (90-Minute) Live Session Including Direct Q&A with THEO
  • Access to Recordings of All Sessions (barring any technical difficulties)
  • Guided THEO Meditations relating to our discussions
  • THEO Inspired Playbook
  • Private Online Forum – Where We Communicate, Share Experiences, Upload Worksheets, etc.
  • Optional Breakout Groups to For Those Who'd Like Additional Opportunities to Connect.
  • A Community Of Like Minded (and hearted) Friends Sharing the Same Mindful Path – Priceless!

THRIVE is a 12-session series that attracts wonderful people from across the world. It is conducted via webinar and you'll see live video of the presenters and the participants (if you choose to share your video) adding to the power of the experience. The live web video events are weekly and are 90 minutes in length and recorded. To participate in this course, you need an internet connection via your computer, and for the best experience, we'd suggest a headset with speakers and mic along with a webcam. For those who cannot listen to the audio via their computer, we have limited access via phone in the USA and Canada, but you'll still need to access the website for visual information.

How the Technology Works – it's simple!:

If you’ve never participated in an online course before, don’t fret, you’ll become familiar with the technology after a few uses and you'll love the live video interaction. It’s simple. After registration as it gets closer to the class launch, you'll be provided full details on how to connect with the audio and visual systems. Plus, we also have a private online forum, which allows us to communicate with each other, post resources, and keep connected between calls.

Live sessions held February 16 - May 4, 2021,  Tuesdays, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Pacific (1-2:30 pm Mtn, 2-3:30 pm Central, 3-4:30 pm Eastern).

Time zone converter.

All sessions are scheduled to be recorded in case you have previous commitments or live in a time zone that is challenging. Barring any technical difficulties, materials will be posted within 72 hours.

We’re not sure if we’ll offer this program again (we may turn the recordings of this program into a pre-requisite product in order to focus on more advanced offerings). So if you want to participate live, best to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience while you can.

Given the spiritual nature of this program it is most suited for women and men who have a spiritual or metaphysical bend or at the minimum a curiosity and open-mindedness to explore. Throughout the program Sheila will directly bring through THEO’s insights and wisdom so some comfort with the concept and experience of trance mediumship is helpful. This program provides a foundational level of The Soul Integration Process® and will function as a pre-requisite for future advanced programs so is perfect for novice explorers and experience seekers alike.

Given the nature of energetics, you’ll experience the highest level of connection through live attendance of the program although listening to the recordings afterward is also suitable if you are unable to attend live due to scheduling or time-zone challenges. Either way of attending the series is fine.

If you are uncomfortable with channeling then this program is not a fit. As the hosts for this program, we are big proponents of suggesting our participants run any outside source of information (including THEO and us) through your own higher guidance. Follow your own instincts as to whether or not to attend.

This program is an intensive class and a high level of personal application is necessary. Please do not register unless you are prepared to take personal responsibility for your outcomes. Due to the quality and quantity of information, the popularity of the class and limited class size we want to ensure all participants are committed to their own Soul Integration.

The use of the materials and procedures in Thrive are intended for your own private use.

The THEO Group, Inc offers a Certified Soul Integration Practitioner® program that empowers qualified individuals to use The Soul Integration Process® and Orphan Rescue material in their own private practices, and with friends and business associates. The Thrive program is one of the prerequisites for certification. Contact [email protected] with additional questions.

We appreciate that the spiritual arena can sometimes be fraught with emotional and sensitive content. Please know that the amount and depth of your personal self-disclosure are controlled by you.

You can attend this Thrive experience without sharing anything about your own specifics. We will be working a lot with class volunteers – to get direct contact with THEO and the facilitation team … thankfully there are always plenty of people wanting to jump right in! Please note these sessions will be recorded and available in our store and may be a pre-requisite for future classes.

A portion of your work during this program will be done on your own – between calls using the meditations and information provided.

From leading experiences for years, all of us find that if there is any initial reluctance to participate publicly it usually dissipates within a few sessions – when you experience what a safe, supportive and sacred environment we (and the participants we attract) create.

If you are reading this page, you most likely know us from our online community, radio show or books. And we’re linking our years of combined professional experience … to serve YOU in this leading-edge online experience.

About THEO, Sheila & Marcus Gillette

In 1969, Sheila Gillette nearly died following a pulmonary embolism suffered during the birth of her third child. Following her improbable recovery, Sheila began experiencing various types of psychic phenomenon leading her to become the direct voice channel for twelve archangels known collectively as THEO. Sheila’s psychic abilities have been verified by para-psychological researchers, physicists and other scientists across the country, as well as by the hundreds of thousands of people that have sought THEO’s insight. Notably, this includes Esther Hicks, for whom Sheila and THEO were the catalyst for her to begin channeling ABRAHAM. As Esther has described in her best-selling books, events and films, THEO predicted that she would channel her own group of higher teachers and instructed her on how to begin the spiritual process of becoming receptive to their energies. Within a year of Esther’s experience with THEO, she began channeling ABRAHAM.

While comprised of twelve angelic beings, THEO speaks through Sheila in a single voice. THEO has never been embodied, but rather speaks to us from higher dimensions. Paramount to THEO’s teachings is Soul Integration™, which is an authentic path to wholeness, or what many conceive of as enlightenment. The individual and collective challenges people face, as well as the dreams and ambitions they aspire to, can be met through learning how to become fully soul integrated. In this way, the Law of Attraction takes on new meaning as desired vision becomes less cerebral and more fully integrated in mind, body and spirit.

Sheila has been astonishing radio, television and live audiences with THEO’s teachings for several decades and has authored two books; the first published by Simon & Schuster titled, The 5th Dimension: Channels to A New Reality. Her second book, The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace, was co-authored with her husband Marcus, and was released in December 2008.

Marcus began his spiritual journey exploring out-of-body states as a teenager. A passionate seeker of truth and shamanic practitioner, he has studied the wisdom of indigenous cultures, eastern philosophies, and material channeled from non-physical entities. Just prior to meeting Sheila, he explored expanded states of consciousness at the Monroe Institute and met with the business manager there with the intention of building an institute in Phoenix AZ. All prior plans changed in a moment on a magical night in May of 1997 when his Soul’s purpose for being incarnate at this time crystalized: he was here to partner with Sheila in sharing the teachings of THEO with the world. As a successful business consultant, coach and motivational speaker, Marcus has dedicated himself to sharing THEO’s teachings of empowerment, healing, and possibility.

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