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Is there an area of your life would you like to transform, expand or simply enjoy more?

Are you feeling the pull of opening up to more awareness and expanded consciousness - more of who you truly are? There is great potential during this evolutionary time and it is resulting in new ways of thinking and of being in the world that are so empowering and enlightening. Are you feeling empowered? Do you find one question leads to more?

THEO's teachings are here to support your path!

As you discover more about who you are and who you're becoming, what is it you want to create?  Perhaps you'd enjoy . . .

  • More loving and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Expanded awareness and strengthen use of your inner guidance and connection to all that is
  • Real tools to harness the Universal Laws and manifest more money, time, and energy

Hello, I'm so happy you're here!

My name is Sheila Gillette and my many years of working with THEO have been incredible!
The most common human truth I've learned, without exception, is that all people want to feel valued, heard, and loved -  to feel their own worth.  And furthermore, what we believe about ourselves influences everything.

My experiences with THEO have also taught me that living a well-lived, balanced, and joyous life IS achievable - regardless of what's going on around me!

THEO's teachings have been shared with thousands of amazing seekers from around the world and these interactions became the inspiration for this Spiritual Mastery Audio Collection. The Master Collection covers FIVE relatable categories to support your journey and your dreams - I'm so pleased to share THEO's wisdom with you!

THEO's Spiritual Mastery Digital Audio Collection - a resource library for your well-lived life!

This "toolbox" of resources supports good-health habits of daily meditation and exploration of life, information for everyday living as well as answers to many big, universal questions. You can use the audios to expand your understanding of you, your soul connection, and the world we live in -- to create more peace, joy, and space to live the life you've been dreaming of!

The five Individual Collections  - Psychic, Relationship, Health, Manifestation, and THEO's Soul Integration™ -
each theme of digital downloads includes 6  THEO Guided Meditations and 1 THEO Dialogue + companion eBook.
The best value Master Collection includes all 5 themes within a complete 40-file library.
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You can focus on specific areas by choosing from these Individual Collections:

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AskTHEO Audio Collection

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The Soul Integration™ Collection

Dialogue: Soul Integration™

This dialogue with THEO was created to introduce you to the core principles of THEO’s Soul Integration™ process. Some of the discussion topics include emotional mastery, the inner journey, meditation techniques, shifting dis-empowering beliefs, how the process affects every aspect of your life, how your spiritual awakening accelerates - and much more! This AskTHEO™ Dialogue includes an mp3 audio recording and eBook.

6 Soul Integration™ related THEO Guided Meditations

THEO’s guided meditations combine the higher vibratory experience of THEO’s Voice with a guided journey of very specific intent. These three meditations were selected for you to begin experiencing their Soul Integration™ process. You receive two versions of each meditation, one produced with Tibetan Singing Bowls music, and the other, Ambient Electronic, created using music from acclaimed composer Jonn Serrie.

Soul Integration™

Soul Integration™ is that which is relinquishing the beliefs that limit your soul from all it can be.” - THEO

Begin the journey of discovering who you really are as THEO guides you into experiencing the multidimensionality of your soul.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Letting Go of Fear

“Allowing: Letting go of resistance is allowing, non-rigidity, openness – letting go of fear.” - THEO

As you become more Soul Integrated™ you will move through fears and resistances that may be holding you back from living a truly empowered and passionate life.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Power of Change

"The only certainty is change." - THEO

Change is the one inevitable thing in all of our lives. Many handle change well - some not so much - but with THEO's guidance you may feel more empowered to make the changes in your life that will move you confidently in the direction of your dreams and desires.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Complete Soul Integration™ Digital Collection only $47

(Retail Value $81 - a 42% savings*)

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"As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before."

Esther Hicks - Channel for Abraham

Manifestation & Abundance Principles Collection

AskTHEO Dialogue: Universal Laws

Many ask “Why isn’t the law of attraction working for me?” Well, it’s always working and your life mirrors your beliefs -- your thoughts and feelings you hold about yourself and others. When asked why the Law is not bringing to you exactly what you desire, THEO’s response is that – on a soul level - we don’t believe that we deserve what it is that we desire. THEO also speaks to the power of thoughts, feelings and - most importantly – the law of self–love. This AskTHEO Dialogue includes a mp3 audio recording and eBook.

6 Manifestation & Abundance Principals related THEO Guided Meditations

Financial Abundance

“Financial abundance is that which is a recognition of one’s belief about money. Limiting beliefs that hold you back from an abundant life – letting go of those beliefs, rewriting the script of the belief that was adopted, created – for these beliefs are not true.” - THEO

As a powerful co-creator, you have the ability to manifest as much money as you desire. During this journey of discovering old beliefs that no longer work, THEO reminds you how masterful you are to create financial abundance in your life.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Remembering the Future

“Recognizing that you are the creator of all that is. You are not limited to the past or the present, for the creation of the future is part of you as well. So in that creation, the looking forward, envisioning, bringing forth that memory, the possibility." - THEO

Imagine being in the future of your dreams – really feeling the feelings of your vision manifest. Join THEO on this extraordinary journey, two years into your future, as you create the life you desire. You’re making your life up anyway, so why not make it exactly as you wish it to be?

*Includes Only Ambient Electronic Version


"To envision is to imagine, to bring forth the vision that is desired to be created – first a vision and then a creation.” - THEO

THEO is very clear that you need to work from your dream not to it – meaning that feeling the feeling of it already having occurred is the most powerful creative force available to you. This meditation will assist you to clarify, imagine, and create your vision.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions


"Holding the heart open with the awareness of graciousness - grateful for." - THEO

THEO teaches us that gratitude plays a very important role in the manifestation process for as you express gratitude for what you have, it brings forth more of that which you are grateful for, and more. It opens the heart and creates an energetic of receptivity going forward.

“When you have gratitude, go into your heart and let that light radiate out into your experience. Gratitude is extremely important. It is a recognition of acceptance of that which is desired and manifested. Breath into the heart and allow it to come to fruition.” - THEO

*Includes Only Tibetan Bowls Version

Complete Manifestation & Abundance Digital Collection only $47

(Retail Value $87 - a 46% savings*)

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“One of the best gifts honestly for me in the year 2011 was meeting Sheila and Marcus Gillette and THEO. And getting to know about your work and seeing the difference you’re making in the world and people’s lives. I’ve been in this work for almost 35 years and to meet you this year has been such a gift!”

Mary Morrissey - Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Psychic & Spiritual Expansion Collection

AskTHEO Dialogue: Intuitive and Spiritual Expansion

Is there anything more fun than having an experience of communicating with angels, clearly connecting with higher guidance, or experiencing yourself as the divine spiritual being that you are? Maybe even feeling connected to your soul and to your purpose for incarnating in this lifetime. The veils, as THEO says, are thinning between the dimensions now that we are living in the 5th dimension and the extraordinary is now becoming our new ordinary. Are you ready to expand your intuitive abilities – to receive clear messages from your angelic guidance? Maybe you’d like to collapse time and space and explore past lives or have an out-of-body experience – all with confidence and clarity. The possibilities are limitless!

THEO covers these topics and so much more in this compelling AskTHEO Dialogue and eBook: Intuitive and Spiritual Expansion focusing on the development and expansion of our spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.

6 Psychic & Spiritual Expansion related THEO Guided Meditations

Collapsing Time and Space

“With every breath there is a release of the consciousness. By obtaining an altered conscious state, the multidimensionality of your being can be all there is, all that will be – unencumbered.” - THEO

It’s impossible to define what it means to collapse time and space – until you have experienced it. This is an excellent meditation to use to further your Soul Integration path, particularly in accessing past life memories that may be influencing your emotional patterns in this lifetime. We recommend that you lie down while listening to this.

*Includes Only Ambient Electronic Version

Multidimensional Experience

“You are more than your physical body, fully experienced and expressed.” - THEO

Your soul is a multidimensional being, capable of accessing realms beyond the physical reality. Allow THEO to guide you into experiencing yourself as more than your physical body.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Out of Body Experience

"Recognizing that you are more than your physical body, the multidimensional experience that allows for confirmation of that of which we have spoken.” - THEO

Living in the 5th dimensional vibration allows for easier exploration beyond the physical body. There are many forms of out of body experiences, including this guided journey with THEO that allows you to traverse higher dimensions with confidence and clarity.

*Includes Only Tibetan Bowls Version

Connecting With Angels and Spirit Guides

"In the asking it is given - and then allowing it to be felt, experienced, heard, visualized, to promote connectivity." - THEO

Many people contact Sheila and THEO looking for ways to improve their communication with their angelic guidance Sheila will tell you that not only can she connect with the angelic presence, that we all can, and that the information comes in whatever way is most psychologically acceptable to you. Some will receive guidance in visions and dreams, others will hear it telepathically and there are those who will just have a sense or feeling about it. Often the guidance about you may offer information in a combination of these forms. We encourage you to utilize this meditation to connect with your guidance for messages, decision making, and confirmations.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Complete Psychic & Spiritual Expansion Digital Collection only $47

(Retail Value $87 - a 46% savings*)

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"As Executive Producer and host of Gaia TV Network, I’m regularly exposed to high levels of intellect and esoteric knowledge, much of it of great value. The work of Sheila and the THEO Group, however, brings an even deeper level of truth and mature spiritual understanding that strikes me to the core of my own sense of higher truth. THEO communicates with clarity, compassion, directness, and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times.

THEO provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way."

Regina Meredith  - Executive Produce & Host, Gaia TV Network

Relationships & Authentic Self Collection

AskTHEO Dialogue: Relationships - A New Paradigm

In this fascinating dialogue on relationships, THEO discusses the significance of your relationship with your self - as well as topics like soul mates, twin flames, spiritual partnering, compassionate separation and so much more. Of all the questions asked of Sheila and THEO over the past four decades, questions about relationships have always been some of the most pressing. And throughout this time, THEO has spoken of this grand shift including a new way of being in relationship. Welcome in a new paradigm built out of love and desire, rather than need. Includes audio mp3 and companion eBook.

6 Relationship & Authentic Self related THEO Guided Meditations

Vibrant Relationships

“Aligning with the relationship and love of self, and inviting a relationship of its likeness for the heart to be full.” - THEO

The old paradigm of relationships no longer works - and new, vibrant and spiritually connected relationships are being formed. This meditation will assist in forming a loving relationship with yourself leading to much more joyous relationships with friends, family and romantic partners.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Healing from Betrayal

“Bringing forth an open heart, releasing the past, and allowing the flow.” - THEO

THEO invites you to perceive betrayal from a different perspective that allows you to move forward in life -- living with more ease and grace, unencumbered by the past.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Manifesting the Love of Your Life

“The usage of the universal fields of energy to bring forth desired outcomes.” - THEO

You deserve to have a loving, soul-centered relationship, and the new paradigm in relationships is to create from a place of desire, not need. This guided journey with THEO will assist you in cultivating the right mindset for magnetizing the relationship of your dreams.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Complete Relationships & Authentic Self Digital Collection only $47

(Retail Value $81 - a 42% savings*)

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“THEO offers incredibly inspiring, authentic, and usable information…. this is VERY high vibrating material, that will take you to a new dimension within –creating new realities outside yourself.”

Jennifer McLean - Host of Healing with the Masters

Health & Wellness Collection

AskTHEO Dialogue: Optimum Health

The health of our physical body is so important to having a joyful life yet many of us experience physical challenges when we’re out of balance energetically. In this informative discussion, THEO guides us with information to learn how to better listen and understand our bodies and what we need to balance our lives -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually -- in turn helping us to lead our most healthful, happy and optimum life. Includes audio mp3 and companion eBook.

6 Optimum Health related THEO Guided Meditations

Chakra Balancing

“Aligning with the chakras so they are all spinning properly, correctly, for whole health.” - THEO

This journey of alignment can provide a profound shift in how you feel physically. You are pure energy, and as such, feel better when you are balance energetically. When balancing your chakras clockwise, as THEO suggests, do so as if you are looking down at the front of your physical body. We think you are going to find this a very healing and uplifting experience.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions


“With each of your breaths there is an allowing for the body to relax, to release, to be open and receptive to letting go of the stresses present – breathing and allowing the body on the exhale to release resistance and all that is uncomfortable.” - THEO

THEO’s "Relaxation" quote pretty much says it all – letting go of the stresses and resistance while allowing the body to relax and release. Very comforting, calming and rejuvenating.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Health in Balance

"Health and balance is healthy, strong, functioning perfectly.” - THEO

This meditation is one of our most popular and is useful when you’re feeling out of balance, or just not operating at your peak level. The vibration of THEO’s voice coupled with their choice of words soothe and assist the listener to feel better, more in balance.

*Includes Only Ambient Electronic Version


“It is that sense of well being, that which wells up in the heart. It bubbles to the surface like the finest champagne.” - THEO

Full hearted – lightness of heart and being – is how THEO defines enlightenment. Joy and love are our natural states of being, and in this meditation THEO reminds you of how sweet that is.

*Includes Only Ambient Electronic Version

Complete Health & Wellness Digital Collection only $47

(Retail Value $87 - a 46% savings *)

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Now that you've had the opportunity to review the entire THEO's Spiritual Mastery Audio Collection  you can see this how grand spiritual library supports all areas of your life - mind, body, and soul.

The Spiritual Mastery Audio Collection is a timeless toolbox that support the well-lived life you desire. You can choose to focus on one the themes, or select the Complete Spiritual Mastery Collection with all 5 themes for the best value!

Complete Master Collection includes
35 digital .mp3 Spiritual Mastery Audios &
5 Companion .pdf eBooks covering all 5 topics:

Psychic & Spiritual Expansion
Manifestation & Abundance Principals
Health & Wellness
Relationships & Authentic Self
Soul Integration™

This COMPLETE Package of 52 Spiritual Resources
available for 
just $ 197 - a 48% savings!

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