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“There is self-love that permeates the atmosphere in your life that draws unto you that manifestational flow of ease. There is a relinquishment of time and space and a knowingness on the inner that all is well.” - THEO

The Soul Integration™ Audio Collection

Imagine your life with more love, non-judgement, compassion, joy, fulfilling relationships, abundance, empowerment, miracles, purpose, passion, freedom, good health, optimism, awareness, and emotional mastery. What if there was a way to shift the limiting beliefs about yourself into empowered beliefs - enabling you to easily move through the fear and resistance that may have held you back from living the life of your dreams?

THEO’s Soul Integration™ teachings can lead you to a way a life most people perceive as unattainable. These timeless spiritual principles given by our angelic mentors lead you to feel super-comfortable in your own skin – as you integrate the more refined frequencies of your higher self into your physical experience. You will know why you think dis-empowering thoughts, and say and do dis-empowering things – leading to feelings of light-heartedness, clarity and an expanded state of spiritual consciousness.

The following is a brief dialogue with THEO about Soul Integration

We asked THEO to share their insights:

"It is a process of understanding the fragmented aspects of the soul that influence the emotional patterning in one’s life experience and the response to situations and circumstances coming from that fragmentation. So the integrative process is an understanding of core issues that have created the separation out of necessity of survival. When one is aware one can parent and bring home the little orphan that has been abandoned in that circumstance. As the adult self took over for the survival aspect of its experience. So when one is aware of certain circumstances and situations in which a separation has occurred that has ingrained a certain response in life from the emotional body, when one is aware of that orphan the situation can be changed in that moment to love, self love and acceptance." THEO

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"When one becomes aware of the age in which a part of the soul has been set aside, the growth of that aspect was stunted that created a continual response out of fear and sadness and grief at times of non-acceptance and non-love, so when there is this recognition the whole self, the adult self, can parent and love this little orphan and bring it home, not separating it any longer. And not only understanding it intellectually, with that revelation there is an emotional response and compassion that occurs. And in that revelation there is a recognition of why one has responded in life on the emotional level as they have. And this homecoming allows one that consciousness. So there is this experience of change of belief and reaction." THEO

"It allows the being to be open and receptive to all the abundance that they seek, because there is an open hearted receptivity. No longer a belief of not being good enough, but one is accepting, available, appreciating all that is and can receive with love." THEO

"It is because they’re too intellectual about it. It is in that moment of reaction that one can contact and say who is reacting at this time and not negating when something comes forth by saying that can’t be it or it must be something different. Go with the flow of it and if there is not a flow, ask again, ‘who is so uncomfortable inside?’ You will be aware. There may be a small voice that says, ‘It is I.’ It may be a feeling, pay attention to what you’re feeling and sensing. If you’re a visionary you may see this being, if you are not you are a sensory preceptor and you will feel it being present. Each of you will receive in different ways, do not discount it when it comes forth. And parent this little orphan, let it know that you’re there for it, that you love it. And you will communicate. What does it have to say to you? And it may come at a time unexpectedly. For your intellect will not be so critical or so in charge. Intelligence wants to keep control of you." THEO

"Yes. So it is to be in that soft place of the heart to allow for it to be, not the mind or the intellect. Easier said than done. We can give you many words, but it is in the experience that it unfolds. You may continue to ask and ask and it seems as if the answer is not there and all of the sudden spontaneously there it is. Trust the process." THEO

"We have often said it is much like the inner child work of the psychological model that is present, but it is expanded into the multidimensionality of the soul. For the soul carries with it a blueprint of what it wishes to learn, for the learning is emotions. And when one recognizes whom it is and the circumstance that revelation of what we speak, there is that moment of, ah now I know why I react the way I do. And there may be a process of grief that allows for tears to come and the expression to be completed. Allow for that to be as well." THEO

"Very similar because all humans come from shamanic backgrounds for there is that aspect of selves that can address the multidimensionality of that experience, if allowed. And that is a blessing." THEO

"You speak to the orphan letting it know you love it and you will continue communication for there will always be contact once you are conscious of it. It doesn’t go away, it comes into you more. Your responses will change. Let it know it is not alone and you’re doing it together. You will find a calmness that permeates your body at those moments as if you were exhaling." THEO

comfortableness of being in your skin and in your life. Your response to situations, circumstances and challenges will have changed. You will not feel victimized but know you have the ability to transmute all energies. With this integration there is that self-love that permeates the atmosphere in your life that draws unto you that manifestational flow of ease. There is a relinquishment of time and space and a knowingness on the inner that all is well. No matter what is on the outer. They are only opportunities of growth and that would be felt. How you respond to those opportunities will be with peace and not angst. You feel empowered.

"It is, for the learning on the earthly plane and human experience is emotion. When one comes into emotional mastery they recognize the master that they are." THEO

AskTHEO Dialogue: On Soul Integration™

This dialogue with THEO was created to introduce you to the core principles of THEO’s Soul Integration™ teachings. Some of the discussion topics include emotional mastery, the inner journey meditation techniques, shifting dis-empowering beliefs, how the Soul Integration™ process affects every aspect of your life, how your spiritual awakening accelerates - and much more! This AskTHEO Dialogue includes an mp3 audio and eBook.

6 Soul Integration™ related THEO Guided Meditations

THEO’s guided meditations combine the higher vibratory experience of THEO’s voice with a guided journey of very specific intent. These three meditations were selected for you to begin experiencing THEO's Soul Integration™ Process. You receive two versions of each meditation, one produced with Tibetan Singing Bowls music, and the other, Ambient Electronic, created using music from acclaimed composer Jonn Serrie.

Soul Integration™

Soul Integration™ is that which is relinquishing the beliefs that limit your soul from all it can be.” - THEO

Begin the journey of discovering who you really are as THEO guides you into experiencing the multidimensionality of your soul.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Letting Go of Fear

Allowing: Letting go of resistance is allowing, non-rigidity, openness – letting go of fear.” - THEO

As you become more Soul Integrated™ you will move through fears and resistances that may be holding you back from living a truly empowered and passionate life.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

Power of Change

"The only certainty is change." - THEO

Change is the one inevitable thing in all of our lives. Many handle change well - some not so much - but with THEO's guidance you may feel more empowered to make the changes in your life that will move you confidently in the direction of  your dreams and desires.

*Includes Both Tibetan Bowls and Ambient Electronic Versions

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