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THEO's Art of Relationship Virtual Retreat

Are you ready to Transform your Relationships?

Build on the self-love work you've already done to truly transform your relationships while retaining healthy boundaries, enjoying spiritual connections, and being your authentic self. We'll show you how -

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Imagine This

The Guidance You Need to Create Your BEST Relationships Possible … to Accept Yourself Fully, Manifest "True Love," and Develop Stronger Bonds with Your Loved Ones…

Due to the pandemic, this year’s Art of Relationship Retreat with THEO will be held virtually (and with a significantly reduced investment), so you can experience THEO from the comfort of your home! You may be surprised how intimate this experience will feel for you. The video below was filmed a recent live Art of Relationship retreat, and will give you a sense of the experience you will be having virtually with THEO.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Your relationships—with yourself and with others—are good, but you'd like them to be great! You're looking for tools you can use to deepen your spiritual connections with yourself and the people in your life and to attract and connect with your “soul family.”

  • Your current romantic relationship is feeling kind of … well, ordinary, and you want to know how to lay the foundation for the two of you to grow spiritually, together, so you can enjoy a true, soul mate relationship.

  • You know it’s time to move on from your current relationship and would like to end it honorably (THEO calls this a “sacred separation”).

  • You want to attract the “love of your life,” and become the relationship you seek.

  • Although you've done some self-love work, you still feel somewhat uncomfortable in your own skin, and you know this affects your ability to create strong bonds with people. You'd like to accept yourself fully.

  • You often seek the approval of others and may loosen your boundaries to gain acceptance. Therefore, you attract the wrong type when it comes to romance, and you struggle to find your soul family.

  • You've experienced trauma in previous relationships, and you struggle with the most important relationship of all: the one with yourself.

  • You're passionate about becoming empowered to create your best relationships possible, in all areas of your life!

If any of these sound familiar, then we have good news!

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You can become empowered to create exactly the relationships you want: those that are emotionally fulfilling, that make you feel empowered, inspired, and provide the grounds for spiritual growth!

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and be a part of a one-of-a-kind experience and see how
your life can change!

 2020 Art of Relationship with THEO
Virtual Weekend Retreat

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November, 14 & 15  2020

9 am - 5 pm Pacific both days
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$ 997   $ 297 Registration

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During this Retreat with THEO
you will learn how to:

  • Get clear and create your heart's desires with support from THEO's perspective

  • Use practical tools and techniques to manifest soul-connected relationships

  • Clarify what you truly want in your personal and professional relationships

  • Identify what you've gained from repeating old relationship patterns and how to shift now towards what you really desire

  • Experience THEO leading you into your expanded self-discovery

Most importantly, you will learn to love yourself unconditionally, so you can transform all of the relationships in your life!

Joining us for this special event are these amazing guest speakers ~

Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling is an award-winning harpist, artist, and spiritual teacher.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Joan Rosenberg Ph.D. is a cutting-edge psychologist, trainer, and consultant.

Sabrina Fox

Sabrina Fox, a well-known spiritual teacher, hypnotherapist, and conflict coach.

First, heal your relationship with yourself. Then, enjoy the manifestation of that healing in the way you interact with others.

We'd love to support you in doing just that.


Groundbreaking Authors & Co-founders of The THEO Group dedicated to sharing THEO's wisdom worldwide.

Marcus Gillette and Sheila Gillette - channel for THEO

We met over 20 years ago (in this lifetime), fell in love and became engaged after our first date (a 5-day camping trip in the Grand Canyon) and have been blessed ever since to live as a joyous, spiritually connected couple.

For years THEO has been guiding us to know it is time now for the new paradigm in relationships is here, and we, along with THEO, are honored to assist people transition to this new way of being in relationship.

Relationships based from preference rather than need.

Become more spiritually awakened, learn to love the Self and others unconditionally, up - level all relationships, and connect with soul family -- this retreat is that opportunity!

When you attend The Art of Relationship Retreat, you receive:

  • Multiple live group THEO Sessions, which include time for Q&A

  • Guided meditations you can use when you return home to continue your Soul Integration™ work.

  • Connection with a like-minded community that "gets you."

"It was absolutely AMAZING - I'm now able to assert myself, and know that I am divine and worthy of love. Lessening my fear of abandonment - that changed every single one of my relationships, and it continues to unfold to this day. It was so transformational – it was definitely a miracle for me."

Andrea - Folsom, California

“THEO gave me such clarity, and there was such a vibration of love in the room. From that weekend, I now have soul family I will never lose. I am so grateful!”

Marysia - South Pasadena, California

"I didn’t know what to expect, and it turned out to be a profound experience. THEO gave me incredible insights - its freed me to have an unconditionally loving relationship with my Self. It has had a ripple effect on my family and I’ve become very comfortable in my own skin. Give yourself the gift of this weekend – the gift of self-love."

Jennie - Austin, Texas

Imagine this dedicated time to focus on you and your relationships!

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Think for a moment about the extent to which your entire life will transform when you're able to create the best, most fulfilling relationships possible with yourself and those you choose to surround yourself with: you operate at a whole new vibration—one that lays the foundation for creating exactly what you want in every area of your life.

How much is that worth to you?

If you're ready to embrace love—self-love, love of others, love of life—then we truly hope you'll join us at The Art of Relationship Retreat with THEO.

With love,

Sheila and Marcus Gillette

P.S. How much longer will you wait to feel that deep sense of connection with yourself and others? Imagine feeling loved and embraced by yourself AND by the members of your soul family. How much would that change your life? Why wait any longer to experience that deep sense of belonging? Join us, and other like-minded souls for The Art of Relationship Retreat with THEO by reserving your spot here:

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