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Every human being possesses natural intuitive abilities.

Whether you've been honing your intuitive skills for years or your awareness is just blossoming, this highly interactive, focused experience with THEO's guidance will meet you where you are and expand your unlimited potential!

For years people have anticipated this exciting opportunity to be mentored by THEO and we're thrilled to be able to share it with you. Join us and continue discovering and developing your innate gifts!

Enjoy 12 LIVE 90-minute Sessions on Tuesdays with THEO
Plus one BONUS Thursday Session!

Join us for this co-creative adventure as we gather from around the world in our online Global Living Room.™

With THEO leading the way, you'll expand your intuitive skills and connect with like-minded seekers as you create more awareness, abundance, and FUN in your world!

Spiritual & Psychic Exploration with THEO

Online Interactive Experience

Sessions held Tuesdays from 5:00 - 6:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time
May 25 - August 10, 2021
(BONUS Session: 5 pm Pacific on Thursday, August 5th)

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Meet live weekly on 12 Tuesdays with
one BONUS  Thursday Session

If the Live Session time is not conducive to your schedule or time zone, you're welcome to participate when it's convenient for you by interacting with the group in our private online Ning Forum, and by viewing our Session Replays, posted weekly in your online AskTHEO Resources.

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intuitive abilities

Hi, we’re hosts Sheila and Marcus and we welcome you to Spiritual and Psychic Exploration with THEO

THEO has been speaking of the current time as 'the time of miracles.' The heightened energy combined with our spiritual evolution makes it a fertile time for all of us to expand our natural, intuitive abilities. Life's moving at a faster pace and people are having their own profound psychic experiences. Sometimes the experiences can create uncertainty and fear … what’s an intuitive, creative, spiritual person to do? Resist? Give up? Or, be empowered by the experience, enjoy the new connectivity and make the most of this heightened energy?

We believe in and are dedicated to your empowerment. It's our pleasure to share our perspectives and THEO's wisdom in a co-created sacred space .… Shift your perspective on the intensity of our current times and learn how to practically work with the energetic changes to expand your intuitive abilities and empower yourself. As THEO shares with us, 'It is a birth right and this is the 'perfect' time for this expansion!'

Sheila and THEO inspired Esther to channel Abraham ... Imagine what THEO can inspire in You!

Best-selling author and channel for Abraham:

“As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before.”

intuitive abilities
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13-Session Online Experience Under the Loving Guidance and Mentorship of THEO

In this course THEO, Sheila and Marcus Facilitate a Space in Which You

  • Experience THEO's inspirational energy and guidance as you explore and expand your intuitive gifts.

  • Learn How the Energetic Shift That Is Happening On Our Planet Now Enhances Your Intuitive Ability.
  • Experience Techniques to Connect With and Foster Your Intuitive Abilities.
  • Create Deep and Life-Long Relationships with Like-Minded People.

All this and more happens during this one-of-a-kind experience!

A Message from THEO

"Be all that you can be. That is who you are as a soul. It is the right of your soul to have this connection. Not to be fearful of it, but to invite it. And we are there to support this expanded awareness of each individual who so chooses to engage with us. It is a blessing to recognize the power of your soul." - THEO

Program Details

Here are more details about what we'll explore during our time together . . .

intuitive abilities


We launch the program with introductions, cover logistics, agenda and then dive into the content – including the Big Picture of what is happening on our planet and with all of us as individuals – and the primary ways we can work with these energetic changes to more fully connect with our intuition. Additionally, you access what has brought you here and set your intention for the program.

intuitive abilities


In week two we share the foundation for effective Meditation and Body Care. Learn how to effectively handle the natural and man-made frequency changes that our bodies and spirits are encountering and how to use meditation to listen to your soul's guidance. Includes access to several THEO guided meditations, some specially designed for this 12-week experience.

intuitive abilities


THEO leads us through a thorough primer on Psychic Connectivity in week three. Connect with your own intuition and discover how you individually process information as it comes through your senses: vision, feeling, hearing and more. Often people discover it comes in a combination of ways and developing one increases the awareness and receptivity in other areas as well.

intuitive abilities


In the previous week you had the opportunity to discover what type of intuitive connections you experience naturally. This week we focus on experimenting with this new found knowledge and begin working with THEO and classmates sharing and confirming our intuitive experiences.

intuitive abilities


In this fascinating session, THEO defines the importance of our dreams. "The dream state is a powerful tool of information." THEO speaks about four different types of dreaming and how each can provide you powerful insights about your current life experience, the future, and the lives of others.

intuitive abilities


In this session we have the opportunity to deepen the understanding of our dreams and ask THEO questions about our dreams and obtain necessary confirmations regarding our interpretations. THEO will also give suggestions on how you can more effectively interpret your dreams yourself.

intuitive abilities


During this week we will delve into different psychic methods ... Automatic writing, psychometric, pendulums and more. THEO says all things have energy and in this session we will discuss channeling this energy and allowing the information to come forward.

intuitive abilities


Empowerment to remember … this week THEO covers the importance of confirmation journaling. As you open up your psychic abilities it is important to ask for confirmation to empower and support your growth. THEO will be giving confirmations regarding your experiences with the Tactile Psychic connections you've discovered over the previous week and you'll learn how to deepen these helpful connections.

intuitive abilities


During this session we will engage everyone on the topic of Remote Viewing, or as we like to call it 'Remote Sensing.' Many may think of Remote Viewing as seeing what someone in an undisclosed location is seeing and we've expanded the experience. We encourage people to use multiple senses and if possible a combination of receptors to connect with their own intuitive information in this process. We will explore Telepathy, Sensory perception, Precognition and more.

intuitive abilities


In this interactive session, people volunteer and share their remote viewing experiences. THEO gives information and confirmation helping us to discern our imagination from our intuition. The class will experience small group remote sensing opportunities to provide additional confirmation and support of your evolving abilities.

intuitive abilities


Some people have natural out of body experiences (often as children) and are looking for confirmation, while others are seeking to have this experience for the first time. With THEO's guidance this session allows us to discover we are more than our physical body and the soul has the power to leave and easily return again.

intuitive abilities


We couldn't fit all we wanted to experience into the 12 sessions so we've added an incredible BONUS Thursday session.

Building on past sessions and your direct interaction with THEO will help this session come together. We just scratch the surface in this experience but want to offer it to you to stretch your experience and allow you the opportunity to utilize your developing remote sensing abilities, release the perception of the limitations of time, and explore the journey of your soul through multiple incarnations.

intuitive abilities


In this final session we integrate our experience and bring closure to this dynamic process. We share insights, "ah-ha's", synchronicities, manifestations and results. Powerful invocation and atonement from THEO as we launch into our new future ahead. Plus we discuss ways to continue our connection – including the inside scoop on the 5-month THEO Accelerator (with two in-person retreats in Los Angeles, California).

"And all of these things are empowerment tools for you to know that the soul, the one within you, is greater than that which is outside of you." - THEO

Session Format and THEO Interaction

  • Opening Comments & Check Ins
  • Group Meditation
  • Experiential Groups *
  • THEO Q&A Forum
  • Short Intermission
  • Closing Comments
  • Optional: Breakout Groups*

*Included in some sessions we will have experiential group functions where we collectively work on the topic in an exercise or we may break into smaller groups for this interaction and then regroup. At the end of each session, an optional Break Out Group function is offered, for those who would like to debrief the session and mingle with other class participants.

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About THEO, Sheila & Marcus Gillette

In 1969, Sheila Gillette nearly died following a pulmonary embolism suffered during the birth of her third child. Following her improbable recovery, Sheila began experiencing various types of psychic phenomenon leading her to become the direct voice channel for twelve archangels known collectively as THEO. Sheila’s psychic abilities have been verified by para-psychological researchers, physicists and other scientists across the country, and as she's shared THEO's wisdom with hundreds of thousands of people in the decades since, most notably, this includes Esther Hicks, for whom Sheila and THEO were the catalysts for her to begin channeling ABRAHAM.

THEO, self-described as  "teacher of teachers," a collective of twelve angelic beings speak through Sheila in a single voice. They have never been embodied and share with us from higher dimensions. Paramount to THEO’s teachings is their Soul Integration™ process, which is an authentic path to wholeness, or what some conceive of as enlightenment. The individual and collective challenges people face, as well as the dreams and ambitions they aspire to, can be met when mastering THEO's Soul Integration™ process. In this way, the Law of Attraction takes on new meaning where what one desires to create and become is not just a wish or dream but becomes manifest, real in mind, body, and spirit.

Sheila and Marcus Gillette are the co-founders of The THEO Group, an organization dedicated to sharing the wisdom teachings of the twelve archangels collectively known as THEO. Speaking directly through Sheila, THEO is here to guide humanity during this unprecedented shift to a higher state of consciousness.

Marcus and Sheila host the popular web series “AskTHEO™ Live”. Additionally, they also share THEO's wisdom through public THEO experiences, television and radio appearances worldwide, and in several live and online mentoring programs. They are co-authors of The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace (Tarcher/Penguin), and Sheila is also the author of her first groundbreaking book The Fifth Dimension: Channels to a New Reality (Simon and Schuster).


intuitive abilities

"As Executive Producer and host of Conscious Media Network I’m regularly exposed to high levels of intellect and esoteric knowledge, much of it of great value. The work of Sheila and The THEO Group, however, brings an even deeper level of truth and mature spiritual understanding that strikes me to the core of my own sense of higher truth. Theo communicates with clarity, compassion, directness and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times. Theo provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way."

Regina Meredith, Co-creator of Conscious Media Network, now part of Gaia

“THEO's wisdom is direct, clear, and up-lifting. Anyone who takes these teachings to heart will advance spiritually and enjoy deeper peace and enriched relationships with Spirit, self and others. I am grateful that this voice of higher truth is touching many people through the dedicated service of Sheila and Marcus.”

Alan Cohen, Best selling author of 'I Had it All the Time'
intuitive abilities
intuitive abilities

“One of the best gifts honestly for me in the year 2011 was meeting Sheila and Marcus Gillette and THEO. And getting to know about your work and seeing the difference you’re making in the world and people’s lives. I’ve been in this work for almost 35 years and to meet you this year has been such a gift!”

Mary Morrissey, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Consultant

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* Refund Policy: Given the number of spots available and the high level of personal responsibility required for this program, there are no refunds after purchase.


If you are a match to this special experience we, THEO and those who have a vibrational match to this experience as well, look forward to sharing a wonderfully practical and uplifting experience with you soon! And bearing witness to the impressive transformations that occur!

Are you ready to enroll? Or maybe you have more questions … below are some of the ones we receive most frequently

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

For your Spiritual and Psychic Exploration with THEO investment, you receive:

  • 13 (90-Minute) Classes Including Direct Q&A with THEO
  • Access to Recordings of All Sessions (barring any technical difficulties)
  • THEO Guided Meditations - Some of Which Have Been Designed Specifically For This Class and Are Not Available Anywhere Else!
  • Private Online Forum – Where We Communicate, Share Experiences, Upload Worksheets, etc.
  • Optional Breakout Groups to For Those Who'd Like Additional Opportunities to Connect.
  • A Community Of Like Minded (and hearted) Friends Sharing the Same Mindful Path – Priceless!

Spiritual and Psychic Exploration with THEO is a 13-session series that attracts wonderful people from across the world. It is conducted via interactive video webinar and you'll see live video of the presenters and the participants (if you choose to share your video) adding to the power of the experience. The live web video events are held weekly and recorded (barring technical issues beyond our control). To participate in this course, you need a high speed internet connection and for the best experience we'd suggest a headset with speakers and mic along with a webcam. For those who cannot listen to the audio via their computer, smartphone or tablet, you can access via phone in the USA and Canada (standard calling fees according to your plan apply), but you'll still need to access the website for visual information.

How the Technology Works – its simple!:

If you’ve never participated in an online course before, don’t fret, you’ll become familiar with the technology after a few uses and you'll love the live video interaction. It’s simple. After registration as it gets closer to the class launch you'll be provided full details on how to connect with the audio and visual systems. Plus, we also have a private online forum, which allows us to communicate with each other, post resources, and keep connected between classes.

This empowering experience of Spiritual and Psychic Exploration with THEO happens:

May 25 – August 10, 2020

Tuesdays, 5:00-6:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time

(6 pm Mountain, 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern)
Plus one BONUS SESSION scheduled on a Thursday, August 5th, 5 - 6:30 pm Pacific

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All sessions are recorded in case you have previous commitments or live in a time zone where attending live may be a challenge.

Given the spiritual nature of this program it is most suited for women and men who have a spiritual or meta-physical bend or at the minimum a curiosity and open-mindedness to explore. Throughout the program Sheila will directly bring through THEO’s perspective and words so some comfort with the concept and experience of trance mediumship is helpful. This program provides a foundational level of psychic interaction and will function as a pre-requisite for future advanced programs. THEO's information has multiple layers and you'll hear the depth of information when you're ready to hear it. So THEO really meets you where you are in your evolution making our classes suitable for explorers and seasoned practitioners alike.

Given the nature of energetics and occassional dyad work, you’ll experience the highest level of connection through live attendance of the program although listening to the recordings afterwards is also suitable if you are unable to attend live due to scheduling or time-zone challenges. Either way of attending the series is fine.

This class is very interactive allowing participants the opportunity to explore their own psychic abilities, share their experiences and occasionally work together in small groups. So those comfortable interacting with others of like mind is important. Please know, we're aware that many who have developed psychic abilities or simply have an interest in parapsychology may not have been supported or accepted in their family or community. Rest assured those attracted to THEO's teachings are open and receptive to intuitive abilities and you'll likely find a community of soul family waiting to greet you. Always know you have full control of your experience and your will power is stronger than anything you may experience. We offer these classes as an opportunity for you to connect and expand your natural abilities and to empower you in your life experience.

Many people who register for our classes say they felt compelled to sign up and could not miss it. THEO says, "You may feel an inner whisper or an inclination to come. Many will not know why, others will. For it will speak to your soul. That is the calling forth. You're hearing the whisper from your soul." If you've felt this inclination we urge you to follow your powerful intuition and join us in this class to expand upon that knowing.

Given the spiritual and psychic nature of this program, if you have intense discomfort with non-physical sources of information or of channeling in general, then this program is not a fit. As the hosts for this program, we are big proponents of suggesting our participants run any outside source of information (including THEO and us) through your own comfort filters. Follow your own instincts as to whether or not to attend.

This program is an intensive class and a high level of personal application is necessary. Please do not register unless you are prepared to take personal responsibility of your self-care, health and life balance, mental stability, and for your outcomes. Please know each person has their own natural way of connecting with their psychic senses and will have their own individual experiences. We do not guarantee you will have a specific psychic outcome rather we provide tools, information, and a fertile environment for you to develop your natural abilities. Registration is non-refundable.

If you are reading this page, you most likely know us from our online community, AskTHEO™ Live Interactive Internet TV,  or books. And we’re linking our years of combined professional experience … to serve YOU in this leading-edge online experience.

Well, There You Have It…

Are You Ready to Explore Your Spiritual & Psychic Abilities & Empower Yourself?

intuitive abilities

If you are feeling the nudge, trust your knowing...say yes to this special adventure. We're enthusiastic and ready to co-create a wonderfully practical and uplifting experience with YOU! We look forward to sharing the transformation for all to come!

In your expansion,

Sheila and Marcus Gillette
The THEO Group, Inc.

P.S. Connect with your inner knowing / gut feeling / mother's intuition right now. Do you want to be in this experience? If it resonates then follow your heart and  secure your spot now.

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