Meditation: Connecting With Angels and Spirit Guides


"In the asking it is given - and then allowing it to be felt, experienced, heard, visualized, to promote connectivity." THEO

Digital Product - includes downloadable audio .mp3 file

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THEO Guided Meditation

[16.51 minutes]

Digital Product - includes downloadable audio .mp3 file

Many people contact Sheila and THEO looking for ways to improve their communication with their angelic guidance   Sheila will tell you that not only can she connect with the angelic presence, that we all can, and that the information comes in whatever way is most psychologically acceptable to you. Some will receive guidance in visions and dreams, others will hear it telepathically and there are those who will just have a sense or feeling about it. Often the guidance about you may offer information in a combination of these forms.  We encourage you to utilize this meditation to connect with your guidance for messages, decision making, and confirmations.

“"We cannot interfere in your life path. We cannot control you. That is why it is stated through the asking it is given. When you ask for your angelic presence to assist you along your way we are standing ready to do such.” To know that one is not alone, and that assistance is ever-present." -– THEO

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