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Interested in booking a Private Session with Sheila and THEO?

Active AskTHEO Mentorship participants are eligible to work privately with THEO:

Current enrollment in any of the THEO Mentorship Programs qualifies you to purchase private sessions with Sheila and THEO for one year from the start of your mentorship.

Learn more about our mentoring programs here.

This is a great opportunity to get clarity from THEO on personal items, allows time for in-depth follow up conversations and gives you the ability to explore THEO’s wisdom and insights that can assist you in improving all areas of your life.

If you have any questions or if you'd like to purchase a session as a gift for a mentorship participant, please contact support for assistance.


As spiritual mentors, THEO and Sheila are here to support you on your personal journey of self-awareness and connectivity to infinite wisdom. Few spiritual mediums of this caliber offer private sessions and Sheila is proud to be able to support you on your path. 

During a private session you'll lead the experience of working with THEO. You, using your own intuitive guidance, can ask any of your most important, heartfelt questions.

Sessions with Sheila and THEO are one hour long, of which you will have the opportunity to talk with THEO for 30-40 minutes. Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis after payment has been received through, and are available weekdays only.  Once purchased we will contact you with Sheila's soonest availability and confirm details. (Note, her availability fluctuates depending upon previously scheduled events, travel, and time of year. Sometimes her schedule is booked out weeks in advance and other times many months in advance.)

For your personal reference, we suggest you prepare a list of questions for THEO prior to the reading. It's not something you need to submit or share with us prior to your meeting; we've found it can assist you to cover the most important topics during your call. The energy while working with THEO can be incredible and like having a deep conversation with a dear friend.  Your list will keep you focused in case THEO's loving energy or information makes you lose your train of thought. You are welcome to ask THEO anything your heart desires.

Also, as a courtesy and barring any technical or telephone issues, Sheila will record the session and send an email with a link to download your .mp3 recording.  Please include your best telephone number for the session (a landline is best, but not required) when entering your purchase details. Because we cannot guarantee the technology and internet connection (although it typically works like a charm) the recording is offered as a complimentary gift and is not guaranteed. If you are concerned about possible intermittent connectivity causing recording issues, you may want to record the conversation on your side, as well. We know THEO's information is enlightening in the moment, and also quite expansive as you live into it, thus making the recording something special to review later.

If you still have further questions, contact us here.

We hope you enjoy your session!

What people are saying about their experience with Sheila and THEO:

  • "Keep up the great work--you are changing lives." - David and Kim

  • "I listen to the Ask Theo radio show each week and wanted to write to thank you for sharing Theo with the world. I also want to let you know of the profound value I continue to receive from the private reading I had with Sheila and Theo nearly four months ago. Sheila is so gentle and gracious and Theo comes through with so much love. The reading has helped me release a lifetime of hurt and torment and so many doors have been opening for me since. It's so helpful to be able to listen to the recording whenever I wish because it helps me reaffirm some things and I get something new out of it each time I hear Theo's wisdom.

  • "I wanted to let your listeners know it really would be a wonderful gift to give another or for oneself. They will never be the same." Jackie - New Jersey

  • "I've seen several mediums and you, Sheila and THEO, are the real deal." - John

  • "I am so grateful for your generous time and your stunning abilities.  Plus you are just so kind and fun and pleasant to talk with!  In my session, I asked THEO a lot of questions that I was afraid to ask...I discussed a lot of stuff that made me feel very vulnerable...and I am so glad I did.  The warmth, love, and healing that came through THEO was life-changing.  Equally important was the trust and safety I feel with you.  Once again, I can't thank you enough for having the soulful integrity that allows me to open up in your presence - even with some of my deepest fears and insecurities.  It allows me to grow and live the truth I came here to live.  Your work is so meaningful!" - Ingrid