Naheed Oberfeld - Success Strategist & EFT (Tapping) Practitioner2019-05-31T13:53:30+00:00

Are your daily stresses and responsibilities negatively impacting your mental and emotional well-being?

Does life feel flat, without purpose, joy or excitement?

Are you sacrificing your professional success and personal fulfillment?

If you are reading this message, it's probably because you are searching for a more soul centered, holistic method to help you overcome life's bumps and challenges.

My clients release stumbling blocks that are born out of limiting beliefs which keep them from feeling confident, fulfilled, purposeful and happy. I use multiple energy healing techniques, such as EFT (or "Tapping") and THEO's Soul Integration™ teachings to help you discover and experience clarity, focus, and purpose.

My clients successfully navigate their self-talk by uncovering limiting stories robbing them of their vision and motivation. When you work with me, you will release stressful and fearful thoughts and step into the flow of life. You'll develop an inner feeling of confidence and trust, making life more joyful as you shift from "survive" to "thrive."

The first step in creating a life of balance, joy, and abundance is to understand what is standing in your way. Contact me today for a NO OBLIGATION, COMPLEMENTARY coaching consultation. Together we will identify your specific challenges keeping you from your best life as we determine the most effective tools and processes to help you in your journey.

Life is a journey, and you deserve to enjoy the ride!