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Jewel Shield was first certified as a facilitator of the Soul Integration™️ process taught by the THEO Group, Inc. in 2017 and again in 2020.  In using this transformational process her mission is to serve others by holding space for them to come into the wholeness of their unique Divine Master Being.  She will assist you on your path of self discovery, creativity, growth and wholeness, peace and unconditional love within, and to live a fulfilled life.  

Imagine a life full of love, non-judgment, compassion, joy, fulfilling relationships, abundance, empowerment, miracles, purpose, passion, freedom, vibrant health, optimism, awareness, and emotional mastery!

What if there were a way to shift the limiting beliefs about yourself into empowered beliefs? This shift will enable you to easily move through the fear and resistance that may have held you back from living the life of your dreams! 

This process can lead you to a way of life most people believe as unattainable. These timeless spiritual principles lead you to feel super-comfortable in your own skin.  As you integrate the more refined frequencies of your higher self into your physical experience, you will know why you think dis-empowering thoughts, and say and do dis-empowering things. Understanding this leads to feelings of light-heartedness, clarity and an expanded state of spiritual consciousness.  

Through this process you experience an expansion of your awareness and discover your Whole Being,

Find unconditional love, experience inner peace and calm, joy, confidence.

Achieve your goals, create financial freedom, abundance, health, wellbeing and soulful relationships.

Go beyond your limited beliefs, paradigms, situations and circumstances.

Develop better self understanding and clarity of your passion and purpose.

Enjoy growth and awareness in the gifts of your multi-dimensionality.

Release limited and false beliefs

Unconditional love of self 

Self care and wellbeing

Connect with your inner master being

Expand creative expression 

Clarify and achieve your goals

“When you are soul-centered, then you allow for the greater creativity of your being to shine forth…

That is very purposeful. What you are speaking about is a passion, a way to express the energy of your mastery, and each and every one of you knows what that is, how you would wish to express it in a given time. 

So, each in their own way has a particular passion that gives life and energy to express it.” THEO 

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