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Holly James

Licensed Psychotherapist

I am a licensed psychotherapist with my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a medical background in physical therapy. My medical background enables me to provide a global understanding of my client’s well being in combining both the medical and mental health components to your care. I have had the privilege of working in several medical settings helping patients with orthopedic, neurologic, sensory integration, and wound care related issues for the past 16 years.

My psychotherapy background includes working with clients having co-occurring disorders including substance use, trauma, grief/loss, relationship issues, depression, self-esteem, domestic violence, anger management, anxiety, and mood disorders. My experience also includes working with crisis/agency work at Mind Springs Health, integrated care and now private practice for the past several years. I am now the owner of Trailhead Counseling in Steamboat Springs.

I utilize tools based in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, Past Life Regression certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, and Soul Integration certified by the THEO group. My hope is to create insight, awareness, and integration while focusing on my client’s strengths using the body, mind and spirit connection to oneself.