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AskTHEO™ TV Presents a Complimentary Experience With THEO,

Channeled by Spiritual Medium Sheila Gillette

A New Framework for Co-existing with guest Regina Meredith

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“You’ve been called here to expand the awareness of your soul, to be all that you can be in this chosen life. It is time for that to be revealed, understood, and experienced—now." - THEO

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With all social paradigms shifting today, perhaps the most significant is relationships.

THEO teaches us that everything is relational and that we have chosen to be human specifically to learn emotions.  They further teach that we do this most significantly by interacting and being in relationships with others.

Within these changing dynamics, we are not only becoming more aware of how we feel within and about our relationships, both personal and professional, but we are literally creating new ways of connecting. We are reviewing our beliefs about relationships, about how we interact, and how everything is connected, and taking steps, big and small, that collectively are shifting the way we interact, evolving from the old paradigm of relationships of need to those born through the desire to be together.

This should be a great episode! A deep dive into inter-relationships between the individuals,  community, and the world, and we are happy to have the opportunity to explore these concepts and to reconnect with our friend and special guest Regina Meredith, the Executive Producer and Host of Gaia TV’s “Open Minds."

Regina chose this topic inspired by the changes she has been observing and reporting on for years, and particularly since the pandemic began.

One of the great interviewers on our planet, Regina has been on the cutting edge of spirituality, technology, health, and the evolution - and origins- of humanity and our planet. She is one of the most fascinating guests we have had on AskTHEO Live TV, and we think you’re going to love her interaction with THEO!

AskTHEO Live is hosted online and includes an interactive Q&A with participants where participants have an opportunity to ask THEO questions (you may be promoted live on camera to talk with THEO).  We believe there's no accident your soul has drawn you here at this moment.

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To your life well-lived,

Marcus and Sheila

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    As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before.

    Esther Hicks - Best-Selling Author and Channel for Abraham