AskTHEO™ Presents a Complimentary Experience With Special Guest

Cindy Kubica and THEO Channeled by Spiritual Medium Sheila Gillette

     Soul Contracts

   Enjoy a Fascinating Dialogue with Cindy and THEO

          Making Sense of When Things Go Wrong

          Aligning with Divine Purpose

          Can Soul Contracts Be Changed?

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“You’ve been called here to expand the awareness of your soul, to be all that you can be in this chosen life. It is time for that to be revealed, understood, and experienced—now." - THEO

THEO Guided Meditation
Raising your Vibrational Frequency
AskTHEO Dialogue
The Big Questions -
THEO Answers 44 of Life's
Greatest Spiritual Mysteries

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"As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before."
Esther Hicks, Best-Selling Author and Channel for Abraham

We’re happy you found us!

Sheila and Marcus are happy to welcome back good friend, stress and whole health energy coach, Cindy Kubica, to our show.

Cindy would never have imagined that the divine purpose for her health issues was to get off the road. Her inability to travel closed the door on her speaking career but opened the door to a new way of getting her message out into the world and the online conscious living global summit, Energized Living Today was born. This top show now reaches tens of thousands of people, helping transform lives around the world.

Whether speaking, writing or serving as a host, Cindy's mission has always been the same, to help people realize the greatest expression of themselves by inspiring them to shift their consciousness and embrace a healthy, loving, high-vibrational life that is fully connected to Source. She's also written seven books (audio & bound), including In Search of Normal: Moving Life from Chaos to Clarity and Fit to Communicate, and is the co-founder of Studio 10 Productions.

During our hour together you'll experience the wisdom and vibration of THEO live, as they speak through Sheila. It's an interactive experience where you will be invited to submit your questions about our topic to Marcus to ask THEO on your behalf. So, what do you want to know?

We highly recommend that you listen carefully to everyone’s answers – THEO’s guidance might just change your life.

To your expansion,
Marcus and Sheila