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Are You Ready to Manifest your Soul-Integrated Life?

An Intimate 24 week program to work directly with THEO

Accelerate the Manifestation of
Your Full Soul-Centered Self

Limited to 35 Participants

It’s our pleasure to announce THEO’s powerful expression --- an intimate Soul Family Mastermind for those desiring accelerated assistance. Join THEO, Sheila & Marcus Gillette, our team … AND Soul Family Members from across the globe … to rapidly manifest the expression of Your Soul-Centered Self.
This intimate program is designed for 35 participants where you'll have great opportunities to work directly with THEO, move forward with your dream, create like-minded friendships - 6 months to really share, learn and grow with THEO's wisdom and to discover a more expanded view of yourself and all you desire.


Soul Integration™

An intimate 6 month program for 35 participants to work directly with THEO

How The Accelerator Works:

In this Elite Mastermind we take a two-pronged approach --– focusing on both inner work AND outer work … concurrently. THEO consistently teaches as we connect on the inner, our outer world thrives, bringing us more clarity, joy and manifestations. Together we'll grow in both sides of the spectrum to link heaven and earth … through the vehicle of your life.

Inner Work

With THEO as your non-physical guides, you receive direct custom guidance from their angelic vantage point … on your Soul’s Purpose and what you need to be and do to manifest your path smoothly and quickly. With their loving support, you identify your brand of resistance (from this lifetime and beyond) and soften, dissipate and resolve your blocks, limiting beliefs and repelling energy. Through this process you can receive, accept and allow your higher vibration and it’s matching forms and attract what you desire.

Outer Work

Concurrently you have the benefit of THEO, The Facilitation Team and your fellow Masterminders to assist on the practical, real-world implementation of your soul’s desires. Whether you want to: improve or attract a conscious partnership, enhance your health and well-being, manifest a business, change your career, or desire to live a more joyful and peaceful existence this will assist you.

Join us for the power packed

January 8 – June 17, 2020


Two, 2-Day Weekend
Retreats with THEO

Retreat 1 - Los Angeles, CA
February 8 - 9, 2020

9am - 5pm both days
Meet in-person, define your mastermind vision, and enjoy mentoring live with THEO, Sheila, Marcus, THEO Team and participants.

Retreat 2 - Phoenix, AZ
June 6 – 7, 2020
9am - 5pm both days
Enjoy a second opportunity to gather in person with THEO, and each other, to foster ongoing energy alignment and soothing of resistance.

2-Hour THEO Live
Video Mastermind Sessions

5 - 7 pm Pacific, Wednesday
(6 Mountain, 7 Central, 8 Eastern)

Sheila, Marcus and the THEO team share insightful information for the group, and participants are provided an opportunity for energetic attunements and direct Q&A with THEO.

LIVE Mastermind Webinars:

Jan 8, 15, 29; Feb 12, 19, 26; Mar 11, 18, 25; Apr 8, 22, 29; May 13, 20, 27; Jun 10, 17

Recorded THEO Messages

Exclusively for Accelerator Members posted on Resource Page

There is a beautiful synergy that develops with each group. THEO identifies themes and gives messages based on what is transpiring for the group to provide a deeper understanding and empowerment.

Messages Posted Online:

Jan 22; Feb 5; Mar 4; Apr 1, 15; May 6; Jun 3

Plus.. All of the Following

  • null
    Personal time with you, Sheila and THEO by phone - recording provided.
  • null
    Private Online Forum to connect, network and share between sessions.
  • null
    A selection of THEO classic meditations plus ones identified just for Accelerators!
  • null
    Access to video replays from the online sessions and audio from the retreats.

Who This Program Is Not For

We’ve outlined what this program is and whom it is for and we would be remiss if we didn’t address whom this program is NOT for. The THEO Accelerator is not for people who are afraid of change. It’s ok to be a bit nervous or have that excited kind of feeling – when you embark on something that is big for you … that is fine. But if the thought of Becoming Your Soul-Centered Self (and the aligned steps it requires) makes you overly scared or queasy, then you shouldn’t apply. This program will change you …

Also, you should not apply if the investment would cause undue strain or if (from your current state of consciousness) it feels too large for you to comfortably handle. While it’s a healthy investment, it’s a very fair one, given the value of all that is included and the unique opportunity to connect with THEO and this community in this intimate way.

And finally, you should not do this program if you are reluctant to honestly share with THEO or your fellow masterminders. For us, there is honor in sharing the ups and downs we all go through in manifesting our Soul-Centered Selves. We work diligently to create a safe and supportive environment to share and create in. If you are uncomfortable with the expression of emotions (yourself or others) and/or spiritual growth … then this program is not for you.

Use of Materials

In The THEO Accelerator, just like in The Thrive Program, THEO and your Facilitation Team generously share many processes and helpful materials. Please note that your use of these is restricted to your own private application, on yourself. The Accelerator is not a Certification program and does not empower you to use THEO Group, Inc. methodologies with others. (For those interested in using THEO's Soul Integration™ process professionally, we have a Soul Integration Certification program available, too.)


"THEO’s wisdom is direct, clear, and uplifting. Anyone who takes these teachings to heart will advance spiritually and enjoy deeper peace and enriched relationships with Spirit, self and others. "

Alan Cohen
Best-selling author of I Had it All the Time


To bring attention to the value of this program, THEO has directed us to list contents and respective values, even though its challenging to put a dollar value on the worth of shifting your life for the better ... and the ripple effect this has not only for you, but those around you and the world at large.


Contents of The THEO Accelerator and value to you as a Participant:

4 Days Live Facilitation with THEO & Facilitation Team:


34 Hours Live Video Sessions


7 Recorded Messages from THEO


2, 1 - Hour Private THEO Sessions


THEO Classic & Custom Meditations


Accelerator Video & Audio Library


Thrive Pre-requisite (Home Study Kit)


Ning Forum, Soul Family Connection and Community


Grand Total (conservative estimate)



"THEO communicates with clarity, compassion, directness and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times. THEO provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way."

Regina Meredith
Gaia TV Network


for a one-of-a-kind 6 month intimate experience with THEO.


Groundbreaking Authors & Co-founders of The THEO Group dedicated to sharing THEO's wisdom worldwide.


Marcus Gillette

From spiritual exploration as a teenager, Marcus has been a passionate seeker of truth and shamanic practitioner. He's dedicated his life to studying and sharing the wisdom of indigenous cultures, eastern philosophies, and material channeled from non-physical entities. He collaborates with Sheila, THEO and audiences worldwide, to bring out the depth of THEO's wisdom. Marcus first met Sheila and THEO by reading Sheila’s book: The 5th Dimension – Channels to a New Reality. They went on to marry, found the THEO Group, Inc., co-author The Soul Truth – A Guide to Inner Peace, and co-host the popular Web TV series AskTHEO Live TV.


Sheila Gillette

Channel, pioneer and spiritual mentor, Sheila began her her work following a near-death experience which opened her to various types of psychic phenomenon that led her to become the direct voice channel for twelve archangels known collectively as THEO.  With her gifts verified by para psychological researchers and physicists, Sheila & THEO have supported countless people around the world to connect with deeper awareness and healing and inspired many to open up to their own intuitive connections, including Esther Hicks as she opened to channel Abraham. Sheila & THEO continue to speak and teach classes (live and online) to support the evolution of humanity.


While value is estimated at $20,000.00+, we have created three investment levels, depending on whether or not you participated in the live THRIVE or ACCELERATOR courses.

1. You Have Not Taken THRIVE Previously: $9997
(BEST VALUE - Save an additional $1000 when you register with single payment of $8997. Price includes a THRIVE Home Study Kit to be completed prior to attending our Accelerator Retreat 1)

2. You Have Taken THRIVE Previously: $8997
(Special pioneer rate to honor your participation in a live THRIVE course previously. BEST VALUE - Save an additional $1000 when you register with single payment of $7997.)

3. You Have Taken ACCELERATOR Previously: $8497
( Special pioneer rate to honor your participation in a live ACCELERATOR course previously. BEST VALUE - Save an additional $1000 when you register with single payment of $7497.)




Thank you for reading the above information. If you resonate with what has been laid out … then congratulations, you are most likely a fit for The THEO Accelerator and we invite you to apply! Below is the first-come, first-serve application process. This intimate program is designed for 35 participants and includes an application and interview process following your registration.

If you feel compelled to join us but the application process makes you a bit resistant, we recommend you apply. The process is easy! Your ability to be honest and authentic in a group and your commitment to yourself is what matters most - and if you're compelled to join us, likely you've got that covered.

Do you have pre-application questions? Receive a Complimentary Consultation - at no cost, this is our GIFT to you! Just click below to have a private conversation with Marcus and we'll schedule your call.

Register Now

Yes! I’m ready to join The THEO Acelerator and enjoy my soul-centered life!

I understand upon registration I will be contacted within 2 business days to schedule my admissions interview.

January 8 – June 17, 2020

Extended thru January 3, 2019


I AM NOT a Previous THRIVE Participant



I AM a Previous THRIVE Participant



I AM a Previous ACCELERATOR Participant


Upon receipt of your deposit, our team will contact you to schedule a private admissions interview where we will have a chance to discuss the program, expectations, and answer questions both sides may have. If we all determine that you're a good fit then we will process your payments accordingly. If you choose the best value 1-payment plan, then the full balance will be transacted upon acceptance. If you select a multi-payment plan then the first payment will process 30 days after the initial deposit and any remaining payments process every 30 days until paid in full. We are pleased to offer payment plans to allow more flexibility and expect clients to honor their contractual agreements, including continuing to make your agreed upon scheduled payments should they land after the program is complete. If a client falls behind in payments, access to the program may be removed, including access to all related benefits, until all scheduled payments are brought current. Should any of us determine that this program is not a fit prior to the start of the program, your deposit will be refunded and payment plan canceled.

Please Note:
Travel and accommodation are not included (retreats held close to a commercial airport, the location provided upon acceptance into the program).
Fees are in American Funds, see for conversion.
The single-pay plan is the most affordable option and saves you $1000. Payment plans may include additional fees. We are pleased to offer payment plans to allow more flexibility and expect clients to honor their contractual agreements. If a client falls behind in payments, access to the program may be removed, including access to all related benefits, until all scheduled payments are brought current.

In Closing...

Thank you for your interest in The THEO Accelerator … and more importantly, your drive to manifest your Soul-Centered Self. This collaborative experience is built to inspire you, to assist change where you feel resistance, and to support you as you accelerate the journey to all your desires. With THEO's wisdom and gentle, loving support, we will move together towards a fascinating exploration of transformation.

For those of you who are a vibrational match to The THEO Accelerator … we look forward to our magical kick-off and to being together in person at the Accelerator Retreat 1 … here's to witnessing your magnificent results!

Yours in Acceleration,
Sheila and Marcus

P.S. Further Questions? Hopefully we have answered any questions you might have, but if not, feel free to email our team at [email protected] Otherwise, we’ll cover it in our private interview call together.