“We are here to be mentors and teachers – guides into this new future, into this time of masterfulness. We are here to enlighten, to open beings to the possibilities and the miraculous – to be in that place of what you call heaven on earth.” THEO

AskTHEO™ Mentoring Programs

Imagine how much fun it would be to expand your spiritual and psychic abilities to create a life where the extraordinary becomes your ordinary – where anything is possible as you awaken to your highest potential. THEO’s Soul Integration teachings provide the framework for all of this to be possible for you.

As you begin to know yourself as more than your physical body, the divine and masterful soul that you are is revealed, and miracles begin to appear. Your purpose for incarnating becomes clear, soul connected relationships show up, your health improves, abundance consciousness emerges, and you begin to understand and work with the universal laws that accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and desires.

Thousands of lives have been transformed by THEO’s mentoring over the past 40 years - Is it your time now?


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Interested in being mentored by THEO and improving your life? Start here with our mentoring programs. Thrive is our entry level program and the foundation for learning THEO's life-changing Soul Integration™ principles, where you'll receive information and tools to create a more peaceful, joy-filled life.  In this 12-week, online program, we meet live each week in an intimate virtual classroom, to assist you to discover what's holding you back and shift repetitive patterns that keep you from the life you desire. Thrive will shift the way you understand yourself -  give you support to better understand your emotions and your reactions to life, while you open to higher states of consciousness and expanded spiritual awareness. Thrive is a pre-requisite for our next level programs: Accelerator, Soul Integration Certification and Premier Master Coaching.

Type: Live Event
Prerequisite: None
Dates: March 7 - May 23, 2017

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Spiritual and Psychic Exploration with THEO Live

This 2 ½ day live retreat is a highly experiential – and fun - event where you'll be mentored by Sheila and THEO, learning more about how to identify and use your natural psychic gifts. During this life-changing weekend you'll experiment with several modalities along with like–minded souls from around the world, as you experience yourself as so much more than your physical body. And it all happens within a safe and fun environment. Let THEO support your discovery of this more expansive you.

Type: Live Event
Prerequisite: None
Dates: 2 1/2 Day Retreat April 28-30, 2017

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Spiritual and Psychic Exploration with THEO - ONLINE

You are a spiritual being having a human experience! This live, online 12-week THEO experience offers a very interactive, safe and supportive immersion into identifying and expanding your natural psychic gifts and how to utilize them for optimum fun and expansion. With THEO as your mentor, this community helps you explore and hone your psychic skills and time together to practice several modalities. For over 40 years Sheila and THEO have mentored people globally as they have opened up to their psychic gifts. Following her near death experience in 1969, Sheila began having frequent psychic experiences, but had no one to talk to about them. For this reason, she has made it her life’s work to assist those wishing to learn how to navigate the spiritual realms with knowledge and confidence. Sheila and those who've worked with her and THEO will tell you, more connectivity in your everyday life = more fun!

Type: Live Event
Prerequisite: None
Dates: June - Aug 2017

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Soul Integration Certification

This program is designed for those wishing to utilize THEO's Soul Integration techniques to facilitate others. Many healers, therapists, coaches, educators, consultants, energy workers, and others have personally experienced Soul Integration as the missing piece to significantly move the needle in their lives. Many have become certified to simply to deepen their own spiritual awakening. Admission to this six-month elite mastermind is by application, and also includes two live weekend retreats in Los Angeles, private readings with Sheila and THEO, and twice monthly live interactive webinars.

Type: Live Event
Prerequisite: Thrive, Accelerator
Dates: July - Dec 2017

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Accelerator is a five-month elite mastermind and includes two weekend retreats in Los Angeles, private readings with Sheila and THEO, and several live interactive webinars each month. This deep dive into understanding and applying the Soul Integration™ principles leads to quantum leaps being experienced by many participants.  The Accelerator is also a pre-requisite to apply for the Soul Integration™ Certification program.

Type: Online and Live Event
Prerequisite: Thrive or Thrive Self-Study
Dates: Jan. 11 - June 21, 2017

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Premier Master Coaching

Imagine having a year's access to Sheila, THEO and the THEO Team. This program is by invitation only and limited to just 20 participants.

Type: Online and Live Event
Prerequisite: Thrive
Dates: Jan 16 - Dec 4 2017

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Sheila and THEO inspired Esther to channel Abraham ... Yes, this is that THEO.

Best-selling author and channel for Abraham:

“As the words flowed from Sheila/THEO, I felt them penetrate to the core of my being. A feeling of love flowed to me and through me like nothing I had ever felt before.”